Quantifying over time is crucial for a full understanding of cell systems. HoloMonitor M4 allow cultured cells to be individually monitored and quantified with unrivaled temporal resolution.

Quantitative measurements

Unlike conventional microscopy, holographic microscopy has the ability to measure cytometric parameters such as optical cell volume and thickness. This enables Holo­Monitor M4 to automatically identify cells for quantitative single-cell and population analysis.

High temporal resolution

Conventional cell analysis methods have poor temporal resolution. Important cellular events are therefore easily overlooked. Holo­Monitor M4 achieves high temporal resolution by recording and analyzing time-lapse image sequences.

Label-free samples

No staining or contrast agents are required to capture holographic phase images. Cell cultures can be continuously monitored and analyzed in their natural environment, before and after treatment, minute by minute and day after day, without any phototoxic effects.

Long-term evaluation

The incubator tolerant design makes HoloMonitor M4 especially well suited for long-term kinetic cellular analysis. The low intensity, single wavelength, laser generates no heat and reduces the risk of photo-damage to an absolute minimum.

Motorized stage

HoloMonitor M4 may optionally be equipped with a motorized stage. The high precision stage allows HoloMonitor M4 to record time-lapse movies at multiple locations, in parallel. Sample locations may be within the same culture or in different cultures. The stage control software is fully integrated in the proprietary Holo­Monitor software – HoloStudio. After sample locations have been graphically programed, time-lapse movies will be automatically recorded at each location.

Digital auto-focus

HoloMonitor M4 records a sequence of holograms from which individual images are created, digitally auto-focused and assembled into a time-lapse movie. Auto-focusing is achieved by digitally creating images at various focal planes from the same hologram. The focused image is selected from this image stack as the unfocused images are discarded. This process makes HoloMonitor M4 insensitive to focus drift and allow images to refocused after they have been recorded.

Reliable and cost-effective operation

A new and innovative mechanical design together with an intuitive software interface makes HoloMonitor M4 operation simple and reliable, unsurpassed by alternative systems.