Peter Egelberg, born 1963

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Arne Bojesson, born 1951
Liselotte Nilsson
Head of marketing
Håkan Rosvall, born 1979
Head of sales

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Lund is located at
the southern tip of Sweden

While working with micro­scopy in the 1990s, Peter became aware of the limi­ta­tions of con­ven­tio­nal micro­scopy. Being familiar with holo­graphy, Peter started investi­gating the possibility of creating a holo­graphic micro­scope. Such a micro­scope would overcome a num­ber of limita­tions asso­ci­ated with conven­tional micro­scopy.

Peter meets Mikael

Through the physics depart­ment at Lund University Peter was intro­duced to Mikael Sebesta in 2001. After an initial pre-study, Mikael and Peter soon became involved in building a holo­graphic micro­scope.

HoloMonitor M1 in 2004

First prototype

The M1 prototype of the HoloMonitor was built by a collaboration between the Compe­tence Center for Circuit Design (CCCD) at Lund University and the founders of PHI. The success of the collabo­ration led to that PHI was founded in 2004.

Market launch

After building a second prototype in 2008, the Holo­Monitor M3 was inter­nationally laun­ched in 2011. In the same year, PHI received a govern­mental grant from Vinnova to build the 4th Holo­Monitor gene­ration. The incubator adapted HoloMonitor M4 was launched in early 2013.

Board of directors

Klas Cramborn (chairman), born 1949 —  Former CEO of Dentsply IH, Russia. Klas has held various senior positions at Ferring Pharma­ceuti­cals, Mölnlycke Healthcare, HemoCue and AstraTech.
Leland Foster, born 1946 — Former Chief Scientist of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Former CEO of Fisher Scientific Bioscience Group, Perbio Science and HyClone Laboratories.
Mats Lundwall, born 1948 —  Former CEO of Cellartis Sweden and UK, Santaris Pharma AS, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Eurodiagnostica AB/BV.
Bengt Falk, born 1949 — Senior positions in biotech and pharma­ceuti­cals, including co-founder and chairman of Biotage, CEO Biacore (today GE Healthcare) and VP R&D Pharmacia Biotech.
Jan Richardsson, born 1960 — CEO of Dignitana AB. Former V.P. of sales at Nederman AB and HemoCue AB.


Ron Lowy — Former CEO of Biosciences Group Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Cindy Collins — CEO of In Vitro Diagnostics and Research & Applied Markets GE Healthcare. Former CEO of GenVec and Group V.P. of Cellular Analysis Beckman-Coulter.
Elena Holden — Former CEO of the pioneer of laser scanning cytometry – CompuCyte, Boston USA.