Ovarian cancer is one of the most lethal gynaecologic malignancies. This can be attributed to the emer­gence of multi-drug resistance in the clinic due to the over-expression of drug-efflux pumps such as P-gp. To overcome this, we have developed a liposomal platform for the the co-delivery of potent P-gp inhibitors with chemotherapeutic drugs.

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“Using time-lapse holographic imaging studies, cell cycle arrest followed by progression to apoptosis was clearly visualized and confirmed.”
Shravan Kumar Sriraman, Northeastern University

PEGylated liposomes composed of eggphosphatidyl­choline, chole­sterol and DOTAP loaded with equimolar amounts of tariquidar (XR) and paclitaxel (PCT) were prepared by the thin film hydration method followed by extrusion. The cellular effects of the formu­lations were evaluated using the holographic time-lapse cytometer Holo­Monitor® M4 and iCyte® laser scanning cytometer.